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01:18 PM
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Vhayu Launches Velocity for TCA

Vhayu launches velocity for transaction cost analysis to enable trading firms to conduct real-time TCA internally

Vhayu Technologies, an enterprise tick data solutions provider, has launched Velocity TCA. Vhayu has partnered with EZX Inc., a provider of electronic trading software and FIX technology services, to seamlessly integrate all of the necessary components for firms to conduct real-time TCA. Velocity TCA provides multiple out-of-the-box benchmarks to successfully measure and analyze trading performance with instantaneous feedback on trades sent from any FIX-compliant EMS or OMS.

“Today, it really doesn't matter if you're a trillion-dollar, quantitative mega-manager or a classic, bottoms-up stock picker with $1 billion in assets. Both scrutinize their post-trade TCA on a daily basis,” commented Larry Tabb, Founder & CEO at TABB Group, in a statement in the company release. With tighter regulations, more scrutiny and increased algorithmic trading, TCA has become an integral component of the trade process. The sell-side is moving to offering real-time TCA to bolster their algorithms while the buy-side is looking at TCA from a broker-neutral standpoint, which requires measuring all trades in a central repository with control over which benchmark analysis to use in different cases.

Velocity TCA marries the following technology components required for in-house customization and deployment:

  • Market Data Management: Velocity captures any real-time data feed, provides normalization and mapping, and can analyze hundreds of gigabytes of Level 1 and Level 2 data, publish out thousands of simultaneous analytics and store the data for subsequent research.

  • Pre-Trade Analysis: Velocity offers over 80 out-of-the-box analytics that can be easily customized to reduce time to market.
  • Execution Strategy: Velocity iServer is an integrated FIX component that is FIX certified by over 80 major brokers and liquidity centers, and can receive drop copies from any EMS or OMS.
  • Order State Management: Velocity iServer reduces complexity of internal FIX development by providing a simple business-based API, FIX version normalization (4.0 - 5.0) and state management, and can mirror any trade execution system within Velocity.
  • Trade Cost Analysis: Velocity combines market data, proprietary data and order/execution data to deliver real-time, intraday or end-of-day analytics. Firms use provided analytics, or develop custom benchmarks via Velocity server-side DLLs, and the Velocity API to interact with their desired front end. Velocity provides exchange data loaders for daily market close data in order to run end-of-day reporting.

“A sizable hurdle for full-fledged TCA is the massive amount of data required for effective analysis. As a result, most firms have previously given it up to services because the market and execution data requirements made it hard to do internally,” said Jeff Hudson, CEO at Vhayu, in the release. “These firms often have a high degree of dependence on their broker-provided TCA tools, so we are pleased to partner with EZX and offer them the alternative of an internal end-to-end TCA solution,” he adds.

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