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Data Management

11:21 AM
Leslie Kramer
Leslie Kramer
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Green Rack Systems, Launches New Green Data Center

Equipment line designed to combine traditional green innovation with latest IT technology.

Green Rack Systems, is offering a new green data center equipment line designed to help reduce IT system budgets, while significantly reducing environmental impact at the same time. Green Rack Systems understands the incredible amount of energy required to run a full-scale computer data center. Even small, in-house computer server and data systems can consume astonishing levels of energy in the span of a year's time. However, thanks to an ever-increasing demand for "green," energy efficient systems, with its new low-power line of data center equipment, Green Rack Systems is now able to design, install, and maintain energy efficient data centers that consume just a tiny fraction of the resources previously required for full-scale IT rollouts.

"Our goal is changing the way data centers are built and operated, finally creating a 100% green solution for our customers" said Mt. Gard, technical director of Green Rack Systems, in a press release. "From converting an existing data center setup to building brand new all-green turnkey solutions, Green Rack is proud to combine traditional green technology, such as recycled steel and plastic, with our cutting-edge data center equipment, which includes low-power consuming processors and memory, ultra high-efficiency power supplies, and even co-location in a completely solar-powered data center," he said. Green Rack Systems is helping to lead the way the industry is adapting as going green becomes increasingly necessary, he added.

Through the cutting-edge low-power line of data center equipment just released, including low-wattage multi-core CPUs, low-voltage memory, low-power hard drives, and ultra-low consumption power supplies, Green Rack Systems is able to save customers more money than ever while significantly helping the environment at the same time, according to the firm. Plus, as a business-to-business service provider, Green Rack Systems delivers a 100% green solution to their customers; in turn, these customers are able to fulfill the demands and promises of being green to their own end-user customers.

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