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Compliance Newsflashes: IMlogic Releases IM Manager for Instant Messaging Compliance, and more stories

IMlogic Releases IM Manager for Instant Messaging Compliance; BearingPoint Offers Operational & Regulatory Response Services to Brokerage and Mutual Funds Sector; RippleTech Launches LogCaster for Sarbanes-Oxley; Fortiva Launches Hybrid Solution For E-mail Archiving, Compliance and Legal Discovery

IMlogic, a Waltham, Mass.-based instant messaging management software provider, has released IM Manager 7.0, an instant messaging management, compliance and security solution.

IM Manager 7.0 is integrated with the IMlogic Threat Center -- the company's online information center for known IM and P2P vulnerabilities -- for automatic real-time threat protection, including real-time antivirus and antispam prevention. It supports a range of deployment environments including Linux and Windows-based operating environments and Oracle, SQL and MSDE database technologies. The solution also provides certified integrations with content security vendors like Symantec, Sybari and McAfee; information life cycle and compliance-management vendors like HP, KVS Veritas, EMC Legato, AXS-One, Zantaz, Iron Mountain, and iLumin; and real-time security and policy enforcement for IM Servers like Microsoft, IBM and Jabber.

--BearingPoint Offers Operational & Regulatory Response Services to Brokerage and Mutual Funds Sector

BearingPoint, a McLean, Va.-based business consulting and systems integration firm, has announced that it will begin offering technology-related operational and regulatory response services to the retail investments sector. The services, called Operational & Regulatory Response Services (ORR), are designed to address the technology aspects of regulatory-driven issues such as mutual fund break point and market timing, control breaks like fraud, and operational challenges such as conversion problems. "This industry has faced significant regulatory scrutiny over the past few years, with a number of issues coming to light requiring changes in behavior and requiring customers to be made whole due to past problems," said Christopher Formant, BearingPoint's Executive Vice President, Global Financial Services, in the press release. "The timing of these services offerings demonstrates how BearingPoint can work with brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and the regulatory oversight community to develop tailored solutions to address current industry issues."

--RippleTech Launches LogCaster for Sarbanes-Oxley

RippleTech, a Conshohocken, Penn.-based provider of security, compliance and systems management solutions, has launched its LogCaster for Sarbanes-Oxley solution. LogCaster is an event log-consolidation solution designed to simplify and ensure Section 404 compliance. Nicknamed "SOX in a Box," LogCaster is pre-configured to provide Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance. Internal IT audit and reporting controls can be implemented in as little as one hour, and the easy-to-use interface provides the required reports on the control of financial data, ensuring proof of compliance while identifying other areas of potential risk. These reports are available on demand and delivered automatically in various formats.

"We created this solution to reduce the cost of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance," explained Brian McDonnell, CEO of RippleTech, in the press release. "By not straining our clients' internal resources and making the most effective and efficient use of time, we reduce our clients' total cost of compliance by more than 67 percent."

--Fortiva Launches Hybrid Solution For E-mail Archiving, Compliance and Legal Discovery

Fortiva, a Greenwich, Conn.-based compliance software provider, has launched The Fortiva Archiving & Compliance Suite, a hybrid solution for e-mail archiving, compliance and legal discovery. The Suite has five components: Fortiva Policy, Fortiva Archive, Fortiva Discovery, Fortiva Supervision and Fortiva Reports. Integrating with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory, it's designed to provide businesses with complete data privacy in an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use application with real-time search and discovery, supervision and enforcement features.

Fortiva's hybrid model will enable firms to choose a managed solution without worrying about sharing their data with a third party. Before being sent to the Fortiva Network, every e-mail is encrypted by a Fortiva Appliance that resides within the customer's network, behind corporate firewalls. Data is then sent in encrypted form to Fortiva's Network where it is stored. Fortiva maintains the data, but does not have the encryption keys needed to view the content. The Fortiva Appliance at the customer site holds the encryption keys but not the data. As a result, data is only accessible by the customer with access to both the Fortiva Appliance and the Fortiva Network.

"Fortiva gives you that expertise on the archiving side, while giving your in-house experts hands-on control of compliance, search and discovery, and e-mail management," said Paul Chen, president and CEO of Fortiva, in the press release. "Our browser-based interface makes it easy for staff to make changes to policy, conduct searches for personal productivity or discovery purposes, and monitor compliance, without placing an additional burden on your IT staff."

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