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 Melanie Rodier

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Senior Editor and Head of Video
Member Since: 5/8/2014
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Melanie Rodier has worked as a print and broadcast journalist for over 10 years, covering business and finance, general news, and film trade news. Prior to joining Wall Street & Technology in April 2007, Melanie lived in Paris, where she worked for the International Herald Tribune, and Rome, where she wrote for Reuters and Screen International, a film trade publication. Melanie was born in London, and graduated from Oxford University where she studied Spanish and Italian. She is also a fluent French speaker.

Articles by Melanie Rodier
posted in November 2008

Citi and the truth about toxic assets (audio)

The Treasury has gone from wanting to buy toxic assets, to steering away from them, and now with the Citigroup bailout, back to TARP. Marketplace editor Kai Ryssdal talks to John Carney of Clusterstock.com about the truth behind the Treasury's decision to bailout Citigroup.

OTC v Exchanges: a question of risk and regulations (video)

Credit default swaps have heightened market anxiety because they are conducted in the over-the-counter market where regulations are few and information about risk is often hidden. Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains how OTC markets work in this video.

Stratify’s e-discovery solution can now process 750,000 documents a day

With litigation and e-discovery requests expected to skyrocket on the shoulders of the current financial turmoil, Stratify announced enhancements to its Legal Discovery v8.0 service which it says will enable counsel to more efficiently handle fast-breaking investigations and optimize document review.

The Overlooked Challenge of Data Security in an M&A

M&As in the financial industry have come fast and furious over the last couple months, each one raising multiple challenges for the companies involved. A vital, but easily overlooked one, is data security. When companies are in the midst of an M&A, how do they protect their customers' confidential data?

Why did Paulson Shift Bailout Focus? (video)

The Treasury realized it wasn't going to get bang for its buck, and it was going to be too complicated to do the auction procedure, say experts who discuss Paulson's decision in this MSNBC video.

Paulson Scraps Bailout Plan to Buy Troubled Assets

Treasury Secretary says second half of the $700 billion financial rescue program will be used to help relieve pressures on consumer credit, scrapping efforts to buy troubled mortgage assets.

Deadline looms for bailout applications

The Treasury has about $80 billion remaining in capital injections for companies who apply to sell preferred stock to the government. Companies must submit their applications by Friday.

Financial Firms To Meet Treasury to Talk about Troubled Assets (audio)

Today, there's a big meeting between the Treasury and financial firms to talk about TARP, the government's program to buy troubled assets. The meeting comes as a survey find that financial players are so uncertain about how TARP would work, they aren't sure they want to participate. Here's more on this story in this Marketplace segment from American Public Media.

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