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Robert Sales
Robert Sales
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New Site for Stock Options Info Makes Debut

MyStockOptions.com goes live.

MyStockOptions.com, a Web site targeting executives and employees who have stock compensation packages, has gone live. Bruce Brumberg, chief executive officer of myStockOptions.com, says that the site was built, in part, to satisfy the communication and education needs of financial institutions and corporations that offer stock options to executives and employees.

In fact, he says the firm expects to generate a significant portion of its revenues by customizing its site for a wide variety of businesses–including financial institutions, online financial planning companies, consulting firms and public companies. "For all of these types of businesses, we can private label and customize the site ... And we can also license to them specific pieces of the site, such as our deep original content," he says.

Within the financial services sector, Brumberg says that myStockOptions.com is currently "negotiating and structuring many arrangements" for content, tools licensing and private labeling. However, he declines to specify any of the firms the stock options site is in talks with. "Until arrangements are finalized, firms do not like to have announcements made," says Brumberg. "But the opportunities are very real. Financial institutions want to play big in the stock options area and realize that individuals with equity compensation are the types of folks that will need their advice and money management-type services. We are fielding requests and having meetings daily."

Brumberg says that myStockOptions.com differentiates itself from its competitors by integrating content, tools, online record keeping and "community" features. "We are the content kings on stock compensation, with substantial new editorial content in the works and a deep inventory of existing materials," he says.

Brumberg also notes that the founders and advisory board members of myStock-Options.com are "experts" in financial planning, taxes, legal topics and other subjects related to stock compensation. From a publishing experience standpoint, Brumberg says that he and Jesse Brill–the co-founders and main principals of the site–give myStockOptions.com an edge over its rivals.

Brill and Brumberg have extensive experience in the stock options and corporate equity compensation arena, having published several newsletters, books and videos on those subjects prior to the launch of myStockOptions.com.

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