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* Brown Brothers Harriman announce the launch of a front-end Web interface for Infomediary. * CMC carries a full line of FIX products that complements any FIX Engine. * FMC announces that Platinum Asset Management Limited installed FMC's trade-communications network.

Brown Brothers Harriman announced the launch of a front-end Web interface for Infomediary, its integrated communications-outsourcing platform. The technology platform is designed to allow investment managers to meet the rising expectations of operations without increasing cost, grow and diversify without sacrificing quality, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in their back- and middle-office operations. Infomediary's platform lends transparency and control to investment managers' multi-bank post-trade communications. In addition to providing the underlying connectivity and infrastructure, Infomediary offers a centralized view into the translation, transformation, and transmission of electronic SWIFT and non-SWIFT messages sent between an investment manager and its multiple counter parties.

Capital Markets Consulting L.L.C. (CMC) now carries a full line of FIX products that complements any FIX Engine in use. The CMC FIX Order Monitor watches orders, cancels, cancel replaces and order state changes as they flow through a FIX system. Users can see everything that happened to an order, even if their system is down regardless of which FIX Engine is used. The CMC FIX Simulator provides a valid FIX counter party for development and certification tests. This tool can operate in two different modes: a FIX server or a FIX client. In server mode, the simulator can operate as a simulated exchange or ECN. In client mode, the simulator can transmit any FIX message to perform functional testing.

Financial Models Company Inc. (FMC), a provider of technology solutions and services to the global investment-management community, announced that Platinum Asset Management Limited, the Australia-based, international equities-fund manager, has installed FMC's trade-communications network, FMCNet, for custodian messaging. FMCNet is a system for electronic confirmation and settlement in the United States, Europe and Canada. An open network, FMCNet supports global industry standards for message formats and is linked with other international networks, including SWIFT, DTCC and GSTPA and serves as a single-point gateway to all counter-party systems.

TransactTools Inc. announced ttCONNECT v2.1. ttCONNECT is an enterprise-class protocol engine that includes customizable-business rules, an embedded XML-based FIX data dictionary, a client portal, and support for MQ Series-messaging middleware. Customizable business rules let users configure ttCONNECT to reflect their specific and unique business requirements. Embedded XML data dictionaries get new business trading partners up and running quickly by offering simultaneous support for an unlimited number of FIX versions and variations.

FundQuest Incorporated, a Boston-based developer of Web-driven managed-account platforms for financial institutions, announced it has formed an association with Infinex Financial Group. Infinex is a group of 56 New England community banks that have formed a cooperative to be able to offer financial products and investment-planning services that are usually only available to larger institutions.

Royal Alliance has launched V2020 Advisor -- a new, advisory-services-technology suite to help financial representatives manage and build a fee-based business. V2020 incorporates and applies advanced technology for the planning and management of client accounts and uses point-and-click, Web-based technology. Specifically, V2020 Advisor provides advisors with a full range of planning, investment-management and administrative services in a seamless, integrated program, accessible online.

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