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Content tagged with Data Management posted in November 2013
Rising Interest in Vendor Certification Programs
News  |  11/27/2013  | 
Organizations want to mature with their data platforms and acquire the tools to build their own solutions.
Virtual Aggregation Gains Momentum as Buy Side Looks to Consolidate Commission Relationships
News  |  11/26/2013  | 
Buy-side firms are demanding that their sell side partners utilize a single location to aggregate their commission credits, according to Markit, which offers a single portal for commission management.
Benchmarking and Maturity Asssements Can Position Data Management Projects for Success
Commentary  |  11/25/2013  | 
Taking a little time to perform self-assessments while benchmarking against peers garners major insights and helps to improve data management, according to Sapient's Sylvia Darwell and Gavin Kaimowiitz.
3 Mistakes That Make Private Cloud Too Expensive
News  |  11/18/2013  | 
Tempted by the ability to build and scale in a private network, executives must first consider the big picture and avoid these costly mistakes.
Big Data For Intelligent Trading?
News  |  11/18/2013  | 
Technology has almost advanced to the point where trading strategies can use big data without negatively impacting latency.
Data Analytics Provider Kenshō Joins Nasdaq FinQloud
News  |  11/11/2013  | 
Nasdaq continues to add sophisticated clients to their dedicated financial service cloud platform.
Effective Enterprise Data Management Requires Commitment
Commentary  |  11/8/2013  | 
Building an enterprise data warehouse can encounter employee resistance to new technologies, writes Alessandro Ferrari of RIMES. He reports on lessons shared by the CTO of Fortress Investment Group.
OneMarketData Releases Cloud Adoption Survey
News  |  11/8/2013  | 
77.27% of respondents expect to increase their use of cloud in the coming year.
ICAP and Interactive Data Collaborate on OTC Data
News  |  11/8/2013  | 
A broad spectrum of ICAP's OTC data in interest rate derivatives, fixed income, foreign exchange and energy markets will be made available through Interactive Data's consolidated feed to support pre-and post-trade analysis.
Lessons on Mobile Recording Adoption from the UK
News  |  11/6/2013  | 
As Dodd-Frank's mobile recording deadlines extend in the US, it's worth comparing today's standards to technology solutions in the UK's rollout two years ago.
Does a Managed EDM Service Preserve A Firm's DNA?
News  |  11/5/2013  | 
Bloomberg PolarLake and Markit EDM announced a non-exclusive agreement to distribute each others' reference data.
Hedge Fund Clients of Eze OMS Gain Access to Markit TCA
News  |  11/4/2013  | 
Markit will integrate its TCA product into Eze OMS, so that hedge fund and asset manager clients can assess pre-trade estimates alongside open orders in the trading blotter.
Big Data Overload is Reshaping the Technology Market
News  |  11/1/2013  | 
More and more organizations want to bring external data into their applications, multiplying the complexity of the equation.
Networks are Getting 'Up to Speed' with 10 and 40GpE
News  |  11/1/2013  | 
Firms want to scale data centers while accelerating applications, and monitor and secure the data running through the network. To do so, they will need to deploy new technology.

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