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Content tagged with Data Management posted in September 2012
Another Ex-Goldman Employee (And His Lawyer) Take Aim At Goldman Sachs
News  |  9/28/2012  | 
"He left Russia for freedom, justice, and the American way and he got Franz Kafka and Goldman Sachs," the Russian computer programmer's lawyer said. But there are many more issues at stake.
Are Modular Data Centers the Answer To Better Efficiency?
Commentary  |  9/27/2012  | 
As technology organizations look to transform the service delivery model to be more agile, on-demand and cost-effective, modular data centers may provide the means to get there.
Buy Side Leans Towards Human-Driven, Alternative Trading Models
News  |  9/27/2012  | 
Although more buy-side firms than not want to boost their use of automated trading in the next year, a survey by MathWorks shows nearly a third have taken the opposing view.
As Cotton Surged, China Trader Amassed $510M Bet
News  |  9/27/2012  | 
US regulators tag China trader in speculation crackdown, as ex-COFCO trader exceeded cotton limits as prices soared 34 percent.
Will The Next Era Data Center Be Hosted on the Cloud?
Commentary  |  9/27/2012  | 
Given the business need for flexible and agile compute resources, the data center of the future may not exist on a map, says Howard Rubin of Rubin Worldwide.
Innovative Risk Management: How To Really Leverage Legal Entity Data
Commentary  |  9/26/2012  | 
As the industry debates regulatory reform and the course toward greater transparency and stability, we are entering a new phase in the evolution of financial data and a potential renaissance in the approach to risk management, writes Tim Lind, global head of legal entity content at Thomson Reuters.
ICAP Chief: Positive Signs After Trading Downturn
News  |  9/26/2012  | 
But Michael Spencer does not see any uptick in trading being enough to sustain the already heavily concentrated inter-dealer broker market.
Fidessa Expands Buy Side Connectivity Service
News  |  9/25/2012  | 
The platform now offers full infrastructure outsourcing —including FIX and non-FIX-based connectivity— to buy side customers as they grapple with the complexity of running technology infrastructure for multi-asset trading and the operational needs of new regulations.
Some Corporate Borrowers Question Libor Accuracy, Here to Stay
News  |  9/24/2012  | 
Some major corporate borrowers in Europe and the United States think Libor, the interest rate at the centre of an international rate-rigging inquiry, is not an accurate benchmark against which to price loans, but few are considering using an alternative.

Brazil May Fire Up Tax Artillery In 'Currency War'
News  |  9/21/2012  | 
Brazil threatened on Friday a further clampdown on speculative foreign capital, firing a warning shot in a "currency war" its finance minister blamed on money-printing by Western central banks.
Flash Crash Or A Turning Point For Oil Prices?
Commentary  |  9/20/2012  | 
Vega-Chi to Launch Buy-Side Only High-Yield Bond Trading System
News  |  9/19/2012  | 
The new ATS will give institutional investors the ability to trade directly with each other, eliminating the need for broker dealers as intermediaries.
World's First Offshore Yuan Futures Market Makes Quiet Debut
News  |  9/17/2012  | 
The world's first offshore yuan currency futures market debuted in Hong Kong on Monday in move backed by Beijing to underline its ambition to slowly internationalize the currency, but interest was muted among investors. Yuan futures ended lower against the dollar on a quiet first day of trade in what is the latest product launched by Hong Kong Stock Exchange to further develop the fledgling market in yuan trade and to attract investors.
CTO On Apple's iPhone: No, Thanks.
Commentary  |  9/14/2012  | 
In the week that Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5, one trading company's CTO isn't among the impressed.
Intelligent Trading: Opportunities for Mid-Tier Brokers
Commentary  |  9/13/2012  | 
At the pre-trade level it's all about 'actionable' data, embedded in brokers’ daily workflows enabling them to react faster than anyone else to revenue-generating opportunities.
Miller Tabak Consolidates Trading Infrastructure With Fidessa
News  |  9/12/2012  | 
The institutional trading firm said the Fidessa platform will help rein in costs, which is a growing concern for broker-dealers amid new regulations and rising market fragmentation.
Flextrade Delivers Analytics Via NYSE Technologies
News  |  9/12/2012  | 
The exchange will offer market data clients access to the FlexEdge Predictive Analytics Solution.
9/11 - Eleven Years On
Commentary  |  9/11/2012  | 
Is this the same Wall Street that moved heaven and Earth to get back to work and trade another day?
Poor Returns Cast Cloud Over BRIC Equity Funds
News  |  9/10/2012  | 
Investors fed up with years of poor returns are deserting BRIC equity funds, pushing share valuations to record cheap levels and questioning the future of the high-profile investment theme.
BlackRock to Lower Fees on Certain ETFs
News  |  9/10/2012  | 
BlackRock Inc is planning to announce lower fees on some of its core iShares exchange-traded funds in the fourth quarter, Chief Executive Officer Laurence Fink said on Monday.

Wall Street Week Ahead: A Nice Rally While it Lasted
News  |  9/10/2012  | 
At the start of the historically weakest month for equities, there are plenty of reasons to believe stocks may be just about reaching a top - at least in the short term.

Nomura Taps Instinet as Sole Execution Services Arm In Major Restructuring
News  |  9/7/2012  | 
In a strategic move, Nomura will migrate equities trading to Instinet's inindependent agency model in North America, Europe and Asia, while reducing costs of running duplicative businesses.
Institutional Apps: Money Managers Soon Will "Poke and Swipe" to Drill into Data
Commentary  |  9/6/2012  | 
Designers of mobile apps for investment managers see the potential for sophisticated performance monitoring tools but also tools that interrogate data.
Scope of JPMorgan "Whale" Probe Widens
News  |  9/6/2012  | 
The Holy Grail of Cloud Computing – Maintaining Data Confidentiality
Commentary  |  9/5/2012  | 
Whether a financial institution enters a public or private cloud, data privacy and confidentiality are top concerns. A financial application (or a service) must be protected, and true privacy must be maintained, says SAP's Gilad Parann-Nissany.
Amid Weak Returns, Hedge Funds Take Aim at Risk Management
News  |  9/5/2012  | 
As hedge funds fight their way through a second weak year in a row, a study by BNY Mellon, the Managed Funds Association and HedgeMark says the industry is putting risk management under the spotlight.
Asset Manager BlueCrest Capital Opts for Axioma's Risk Platform
News  |  9/4/2012  | 
The $32 billion alternative asset manager said Axioma's system will aid its systematic equity strategies.
FlexTrade Dives into Fixed Income Trading, Connecting with eSpeed
News  |  9/4/2012  | 
In a move to expand its multi-asset class trading functionality, FlexTrade's order management system has become certified to trade U.S. Treasuries via BGC Partners' preferred vendor program.

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