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How to Eat an Elephant: Strategies for Portfolio Modernization [ Source: Dell ]

September 2014- There's an elephant in the room that nobody's talking about. Aging application portfolios are putting many organizations at risk, eating up valuable resources while important IT initiatives are being deferred due to lack of time or money. The technology imperatives for insurance and other financial organizations to modernize their mission-critical systems have never been clearer. Meanwhile, business leaders' demands on IT are also increasing, for more agility, faster times to market and quicker returns on ...

Stories are the Last Mile in Big Data [ Source: Narrative Science ]

September 2014- Conventional wisdom says that in order to understand anything in business, you need to track it. When it comes to sales, logistics, customer service, employee performance, call centers, and all of the other issues that drive a business, knowing how you are doing is the first step in understanding how to do it better. Fortunately, the rise of hyper, low-cost computing and storage, combined with the drive toward bringing more of our data online, has ...

Narrative Analytics: From Data, To Insight, To Action [ Source: Narrative Science ]

September 2014- Despite the promise of Big Data, few organizations have yet to tap into its true potential.Companies have spent billions on amassing and managing huge data sets, resulting in a myriad of data analytics technologies that spill out numbers and visualizations. The challenge? These tools require skilled people to not only interpret the data, but also effectively communicate what's happening in a timely and scalable way. This solution simply doesn't scale.
Organizations need a ...

Artificial Intelligence Brings Real-World Insight to Financial Services Firms [ Source: Narrative Science ]

September 2014- Narrative Science automatically analyzes and transforms data into natural language reports through the application of its patented Artificial Intelligence platform, Quill. Quill mines data for meaning and insight to provide people with relevant communications that are easy to understand and that are produced on an unprecedented scale.

Narrative Science offers solutions for many industries, including financial services, insurance, government, retail, and marketing services. Organizations in these areas use Quill to improve decision making, ...

Forming an Industry-Wide Post-Trade Shared Services Utility: Not an "All or Nothing" Play [ Source: Genpact ]

September 2014- Tier 1 banks have an edge over smaller rivals: Their greater scale offers a near unbeatable cost advantage when it comes to operations. Smaller players must find a way to level the playing field, and mutualizing costs is one method. However, there is more than one way to share the post-trade burden robustly, and it doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" decision.

Focus on Core Business and Innovation - Not your IT. Learn how. [ Source: CenturyLink ]

August 2014- A strong technology partner can help companies put focus back on their core business. Scivantage, a software company, needed just this type of partner, so they could focus on effectively serving the financial services industry.

In order to improve operational efficiency for their customers, Scivantage has to be up and running 24/7 and meet a rigorous set of requirements, making their need for scalable IT infrastructure that is always secure, reliable and available, imperative ...

Transform IT Data into Real-Time Operational Intelligence with Streaming Analytics [ Source: Corvil ]

August 2014- Whether or not IT Operations is considered strategic within any individual organization, it has become a mission- critical aspect of business processes and business results for the vast majority of modern companies, especially high-performance online businesses, where even microseconds matter to revenue.

This NEW one-of-a-find white paper by Enterprise Management Associates and Corvil, delves into the pros and cons of traditional IT monitoring technologies, and how they can provide operational insights for assuring ...

Optimizing Electronic FX Trading Performance [ Source: Corvil ]

August 2014- Greater use of electronic execution has brought substantial benefits to the FX trading industry, but has also created new challenges. Trading venues and participants alike operate in a more diverse and competitive marketplace, in which both the volume and velocity of trading have increased.

This white paper will help guide you to successfully navigate these waters and inform you that it requires a differentiated strategy, utilizing carefully managed technology investments to ensure competitiveness ...

Electronic Trading System Performance [ Source: Corvil ]

August 2014- High-performance trading systems today have driven the adoption and development of a set of technologies that enable trade- execution and market data delivery and handling at the timescale of microseconds. Many of the key processes can be implemented within a handful of microseconds, which means that precision latency management must be capable of delivering an accuracy of hundreds or tens of nanoseconds.

This technical white paper reveals that total system latencies can vary ...

Streaming Analytics to Run Electronic Trading Systems in the Now [ Source: Corvil ]

October 2014- Electronic trading firms use information technology to automate business operations at every stage of the trading process, from dissemination of news and market data, to order processing and forwarding, to trade execution and clearing. Automation makes these operations faster and more efficient, reducing trading costs and delays. It also makes firms more dependent on the performance and reliability of IT Operations, and creates challenges for application and network performance management. The close connection between IT ...

Mitigating Technology Risk for Electronic Trading Systems [ Source: Corvil ]

October 2014- Like any high performance, revenue generating online business, electronic trading is exposed to technology and operational risk - the chance that critical systems will malfunction, leading to financial loss and/or reputational damage. Recent events remind us that such losses can quickly become very serious, and have led to a renewed focus on safety and reliability in the sector.

This industry white paper delves into the technology and operational risk that trading firms ...

Remediation as a Service: A Cost-Effective Response to Regulatory and Strategic Change [ Source: Genpact ]

May 2014- In recent years, the annual cost of client data remediations to the financial services industry has soared to hundreds of millions of dollars. At the same time, tougher regulations have greatly increased the need for accuracy. With margins under pressure, a combination of shared services with an industrialized approach can enable data remediation at a lower cost and in a more scalable, consistent, and transparent manner.

Financial Firms Strive to Deliver Customized Data [ Source: VistaOne Solutions ]

May 2014- Today, it's imperative for asset managers to have technological and human resources to provide the very best client servicing and reporting. Financial firms must have the necessary tools to help them deliver customized reports quickly and accurately to meet investor expectations. These tools customize how information is incorporated into reporting and distributed to investors in a governed way. A new survey indicates that buy-side firms are investigating and completing initiatives to optimize their client reporting ...

Genpact sets up and runs an investment banks virtual captive, delivers six hundred percent greater trade throughput at twenty percent lower cost [ Source: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets ]

December 2013- When in 2006, the corporate and investment banking arm of one of Europe's largest banks, needed to reduce its risk prole by focusing on simpler 'vanilla' trades - they also had to ensure the volume of such trades increased signicantly to oset the reduced protability. With the limited back-oce capability supporting this trade and it's obsolete systems, it was challenge for the bank to cope with the rising volume of trades. So we partnered with Calypso ...

Automating the QA process leads to $11 MM business impact for a global financial services firm [ Source: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets ]

December 2013- A US-based nancial services powerhouse with a presence in wealth management, institutional securities and investment management was working with a number of vendors to augment its own Quality Assurance (QA) teams. Managing multiple vendors in dierent silos led to high overhead costs.

Because the rm's QA teams operated at a relatively low level of automation, managing testing operations involved enormous manual eorts. This in turn led to high costs and unwanted delays each ...

Minimizing cost and risk for capital markets: Industrialized operations in the back office [ Source: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets ]

December 2013- As the events of the financial crisis grow more distant with each year that passes, the search for a sustainable operating model for capital markets operations is intensifying. Costs are escalating while the deleveraging of the business model has stunted the growth of the industry's US$340 billion in annual revenues. As a result, the call for a transformational change in the back office have grown louder. Banks must reassess their definition of "core" operations and ...

Considerations for Using Solid-State Storage as an Intelligent Cache to Accelerate Applications [ Source: LSI ]

May 2013- Solid-state disk (SSD) technologies are top of mind in most discussions of enterprise storage infrastructure today-but there are still IT planners who have postponed the adoption of flash memory-based storage due to questions about acquisition cost or early adoption risk. Learn the four critical questions to ask before adopting flash technology in your data center.

Data Loss Prevention White Paper [ Source: CDW ]

February 2013- The capital markets industry runs on sensitive information. From confidential customer data and payment card account numbers to sensitive financial analyses, the lifeblood of financial firms is their ability to protect secrets. Many financial firms invest significant time and energy into identifying sensitive information. Still, many fall short in their ability to detect and control the unauthorized leakage of that information.

Data loss comes in many forms. These range from the malicious insider ...

Big Data in Trading and Risk Management [ Source: SAP ]

February 2013- This industry briefing - sponsored by SAP - provides insight and analysis on how financial markets firms see Big Data approaches and technologies being leveraged for trading and risk applications. Respondents demonstrated a good understanding of how Big Data approaches might be leveraged across a number of key trading and risk applications, with substantial commonality of thought in some cases.

Advantages of the SAP Real-Time Data Platform for Electronic Trading [ Source: SAP ]

February 2013- Learn how to effectively harness a wide range of information sets using the SAP Real-Time Data Platform for Capital Markets by integrating real-time and historical data operations. The platform is able to meet the demanding requirements for data management and analytics for the complete electronic trading pipeline.

Equipping the Front Office for the New Risk Environment [ Source: SAP ]

February 2013- Want to understand how senior executives from global tier 1 financial institutions envision the future of their capital markets businesses - and how their organizations are formulating strategies to achieve their goals?

Get the perspective you need from the study, 'Equipping the Front Office for the New Risk Environment," sponsored by SAP and independently executed by Celent. Based on a survey of more than 15 tier 1 global capital markets and wholesale banks across North America ...

A Maturity Model for Customer Centricity [ Source: Attivio, Inc. ]

February 2013- This whitepaper covers how organizations can maximize customer loyalty, revenue and wallet share through a 360 Degree View of the Customer.

Customer Experience Management For Financial Services Institutions [ Source: Attivio, Inc. ]

February 2013- This whitepaper tells the story of how a financial institution leverages next generation customer experience management to deliver the one-to-one customer experience that drives superior business results

IT Knowledge Expert - Making the ITIL 3 Service Knowledge Management System a Reality [ Source: Attivio, Inc. ]

February 2013- This whitepaper will address misconceptions regarding SKMS, explore technical challenges to creating an SKMS, present unified information access as the ideal technology to fulfill these challenges, and conclude with a financial services SKMS implementation case study.

Unified Information Access for Financial Services Institutions [ Source: Attivio, Inc. ]

February 2013- This whitepaper explores new ways in which financial institutions can better optimize their information to support strategic interests, improve productivity, reduce costs, accelerate business processes, and allow staff to focus on the organization's core mission.

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