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Lessons Learned from a Successful, Business-Focused Data Center Strategy

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Source: Nlyte Software
Date: December 2012
Type: White Paper
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Overview: A new report from Gartner Research tells the real-life story of a large enterprise that needed to improve its data center availability and continuity. It was a major undertaking, and there are lessons to be learned from all aspects of the project -- from setting the objectives, to formulating the strategy, all the way through to implementing the project.

In this report, you will learn:

•  Who was responsible for data center strategy at this multi-billion dollar organization?
•  What metrics did the company set for recovery time and fail-over time?
•  How did they successfully migrate 1,000 applications?
•  How did they staff the project: internal employees or outside consultants?
•  How did they keep costs in check?

The complimentary report is available courtesy of Nlyte Software, makers of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software

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