The Top 10 Mobile Apps on Wall Street

Creating apps for retail investors generally has been the top mobile priority for Wall Street firms. But as the technology continues to advance, retail apps are proving valuable for professional traders as well. Here are 10 top apps that are storming the Street.
August 08, 2012


StockTouch, a 99-cent app for the iPhone and iPad created by Visible Market, uses data visualization technology to help investors make quick decisions about the stocks of 1,350 companies and glean at a glance how the stock market is doing over any period of time. The app enables users to zoom in to see specific industries or companies and offers an interactive, personalized heat map and visual watch list of favorite stocks and ETFs. It refreshes every 5 minutes throughout the trading day and sorts stocks by size, market capitalization, percentage gains, volume or alphabetically. Visible Market is now working on helping financial institutions find ways to present their own data in a manner similar to the StockTouch app.

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