The Top 10 Mobile Apps on Wall Street

Creating apps for retail investors generally has been the top mobile priority for Wall Street firms. But as the technology continues to advance, retail apps are proving valuable for professional traders as well. Here are 10 top apps that are storming the Street.
August 08, 2012


The PortfolioLive app allows users to track their portfolios, research stocks, and actively manage and trade positions across an unlimited number of portfolios. The iPhone app (currently on sale for 99 cents in Apple's App Store) pulls in data from Yahoo Finance, CNBC and Google to provide real-time price, chart and news information for stocks on the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX exchanges, as well as for over-the-counter and pink sheet securities, and provides support for dozens of international exchanges. The app enables users to enter short sales, close out pre-existing positions and view their total net worth in any one currency. It also performs live calculations of value, day gain and total gain at the lot, position and portfolio levels. The developer, Turing Studios, also offers a charting app, ChartsLive, that features a built-in chart designer and support for 40+ indicators, overlays and moving options; and FutureLive, which allows investors to keep track of future contracts and commodities.

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