The Top 10 Mobile Apps on Wall Street

Creating apps for retail investors generally has been the top mobile priority for Wall Street firms. But as the technology continues to advance, retail apps are proving valuable for professional traders as well. Here are 10 top apps that are storming the Street.
August 08, 2012

Bloomberg and Bloomberg Radio+

Bloomberg's free app -- available for for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, as well as Windows and Symbian mobile devices -- gives Wall Street execs and investors instant access to finance and business news, market data, and portfolio tracking, as well as charts and graphs that track business trends and the global markets. Users can access market data across equity indices, commodities, bonds, currencies and futures, and can personalize views of the news by industry, region or popularity. The Bloomberg Radio+ app also is popular on Wall Street. "When I'm traveling internationally, that becomes my source of information," says Vikas Shah, managing director at Rosenblatt Securities. "You can be sitting at an airport terminal in Beijing and listening to the radio."

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