December 11, 2008

Novell said that in independent tests performed by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC), SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time delivered the lowest mean and maximum latencies ever recorded at high rates with the Reuters Market Data System (RMDS), as well as the highest RMDS throughput for a two-socket server. The results for Novell were significantly better than similar benchmark tests performed by STAC on other Linux and UNIX operating systems. Novell was able to achieve simultaneously high throughput rates and extremely low latencies because of close collaboration with its technology partners: HP, Intel and Voltaire. Customers using the solution from Novell and its partners which produced these record-breaking results will be able to compete more effectively in their markets.

"Market data latency and throughput have a huge impact on the overall speed with which a trading firm can execute a transaction in response to new information," said Jack Gidding, associate director of STAC, in a press release. "In some markets, firms can profit from as little as one millisecond of advantage over competitors, which drives them to find new technologies that can reduce sub-millisecond latencies from the systems fueling their trades."

In its newly-released report, "RMDS 6.3 with Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time on HP c-Class Blades, Intel Xeon processors, and Voltaire InfiniBand," STAC measured the performance of a market data stack based on the Reuters Market Data System when running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time and compared it to the same stack using a general purpose operating system and gigabit Ethernet technologies.

"Novell's mission is to make IT work as one, ensuring our customers are able to leverage their many technology investments effectively and efficiently in support of their business objectives," said Roger Levy, senior vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions at Novell, in a press release. "Working closely with our technology partners, we are providing customers with innovative, high performance solutions based on open source and open systems solutions which perform better than more costly and proprietary alternatives," he added.