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06:28 PM
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BT's Syntegra Rolls Out ITSlink

At SIA, the vendor unveils a browser-based trader telephone and advanced customer-relationship management software.

Syntegra--the e-business consulting and integration arm of British Telecommunications--is releasing ITSlink Turret, a browser-based trader telephone that provides turret functionality, and ITSlink Myriad, which serves as advanced customer-relationship management software.

Syntegra is also announcing that 310 of its ITS voice-trading platforms have been installed by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for floor brokers. NYSE joins such large financial institutions as Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs as Syntegra clients.

With its new releases, Syntegra is focusing on two areas. The first, ITSlink Turret, looks to deal with the increasing movement to a 24-hour, global trading environment by making traders' information platforms accessible anywhere they can get on the Internet. The second, ITSlink Myriad, provides what Judith Dixon, marketing manager of Syntegra, calls "integrated, multi-channel, relationship management."

In addition to providing relationship management between trader and client through delivering copious amounts of customer information, ITSlink Myriad serves as a data collection tool for managers working a trading desk. Managers can make use of such information as the length of calls and the amount of missed calls to identify problem areas in an effort to make their desks more efficient. Les Roberts, director of sales at Syntegra, says, "If a trader leaves his desk to go home early, it logs every call missed. That's information that a head trader may be interested in to see how their desk is performing."

Stephen Cook, business development manager at Syntegra, says that Syntegra's services can be described as, "elements of the telephony world and the IP world talking to each other and working in harmony." But that harmony, says Cook, may not be right for everyone. While Syntegra's voice and data IP telephony are suitable for some financial transactions, Cook gave the example of a large FX transaction as an instance where the three tenths of a second delay in the technology can be a deal breaker. "There's still a little way to go in the inherent delay surrounding IP," adds Cook, "In some cases 150 milliseconds can make the difference between being the first one to say buy and being the last one to say buy."

Cook says the new releases offer the advantages of bringing together valuable customer information into a system that can be used anywhere. Syntegra is targeting banks, financial institutions and exchanges with its systems and will customize its product to work with a company's exiting Web site.

While Cook names IPC, Siemens and Etrali as competitors, he says Syntegra's new customer relationship management software puts them far ahead of anyone else in the industry. Cook explains, "We make your Web site talk to your trading floor and vice versa."

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