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February 04, 2014

Eikon plug-in for Google Chrome

Think of the Google Chrome plug-in as Eikon in the go.

Beyond the traditional desktop environment the new version of Eikon is meant to be ubiquitous and work fluidly across devices.

Eikon can now be installed into the toolbar of Google Chrome's browser. No matter the program or device, log-in outside of the office and access the full Eikon interface. It will remember where the user left off on their last use.

"This is an interesting example of how Thomson Reuters is thinking beyond the traditional desktop environment to how and when customers need and want access to Eikon data across their wider workflow. The plug-in installs Eikon into the toolbar of Google Chrome’s browser interface and on-demand allows Eikon to analyze information that is being viewed on the internet and provide key related data for any entities listed on the page."

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