5 Can't Miss Eikon Enhancements

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February 04, 2014

Microsoft Office Add-in

Let's face it, there's more to Excel than we'll ever learn. But that's okay, Eikon has it covered. With Eikon open in the background users can enter a cell and start formulating in familiar Excel fashion or generic search terms, which would prompt the sophisticated search tool to help populate the spreadsheet. If it's something fluid like a stock price the data will update itself in real-time within in the office suite

"Eikon’s Microsoft Office add-in allows users to exploit the analytical and presentational potential of Thomson Reuters content in applications such as Excel and PowerPoint," according to their release. "It surfaces premium Thomson Reuters content including Fundamentals, StarMine Analytics, I/B/E/S & Smart Estimates and Key Performance Indicators by leveraging the power and innovation of Eikon Search directly in Excel. In addition, financial professionals can import charts seamlessly from Excel into PowerPoint and Word with the ability to auto-refresh the data so that it stays current."

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