5 Can't Miss Eikon Enhancements

Check out Eikon's Twitter and news sentiment analysis tools
February 04, 2014

Macro Explorer

Charts, data, timelines, oh my!

With the Macro Explorer feature, users can overlay 80 global economic indicators, choose a mapped location, choose a time range, even press "play" to find global trends, areas of risk, and macro investment opportunities.

According to Rueters, "This detailed analysis is delivered to customers across a variety of easily interpretable visual tools, including a world map, bubble scatter plot, grid and data tables. With the economic explorer, financial professionals have access to: Unique Sovereign Fragility Indices from Fathom Consulting alongside a wide selection of macro indicators and forecasts from Oxford Economics and World Bank WDI Workflow integration – identify countries of interest then link to other tools within Eikon."

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