March 16, 2010

GoldenSource announced the release of the GoldenSource Market Data Solution (GSMDS) allowing Chief Risk Officers and Chief Financial Officers to get to grips with operational and financial risk caused by increased market volatility, inconsistent business processes and asset-based processing silos, the vendor said. "Risk management, product control and finance officers need higher data quality, transparency and consistency. The GoldenSource Market Data Solution is unique in offering a proven business solution to address the challenges of offering a 360 degree view of all risk-relevant data in a single data management platform," Mike Meriton, GoldenSource CEO, said in a release. According to research from consultancy A-Team Group, 87% of risk managers are interested in centralizing market and reference data, GoldenSource said.

The GoldenSource Market Data Solution unifies traditional reference data (static data, corporate actions, end-of-day pricing) with more time-critical market data (intraday pricing, rates, curves, and derived data sets such as volatility surfaces and correlation matrices) and offers increased data quality, consistency and transparency across the investment process.

GSMDS helps firms address issues such as pricing mechanisms in the front office and valuations for Profit and Loss (P&L) in the middle and back office; higher market volatility and more transparent asset and portfolio valuations. Built on Java and web services technology, the GoldenSource Market Data Solution includes technology components licensed from Xenomorph, a provider of time-series data management and analytics solutions.

The GoldenSource Market Data Solution integrates time-series storage and analytics functionality within its golden copy platform for exception management and data distribution. Its functionality includes the capture, validation, cleansing, storage and distribution of prices and rates as well as more complex datasets such as curves, spread curves and volatility surfaces.

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