7 Wall Street Institutions Slammed By Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy battered the North East leaving a trail of death and destruction in New York and New Jersey, Wall Street banks suffered varying degrees of damage. We take a look at seven financial institutions that were slammed by Sandy.
November 02, 2012

4. Equinix

Global data center services provider Equinix is home to 600 electronic trading and financial market participants and also operates a data center at 111 8th Ave.

On Friday, Equinix noted that its NY9 site, which is housed in a multi-tenant building with shared generator infrastructure and fuel service, experienced three outages over a 2-day period due to generator failures that impacted service to several customers. Service was later restored.

As of Friday, five of Equinix’s 8 sites remained on generator power. The company said all sites had ample fuel onsite, and had received fuel deliveries.

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