7 Wall Street Institutions Slammed By Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy battered the North East leaving a trail of death and destruction in New York and New Jersey, Wall Street banks suffered varying degrees of damage. We take a look at seven financial institutions that were slammed by Sandy.
November 02, 2012

3. Telx

Post-hurricane fuel shortages in the North East affected data centers in New York, many of which were still without power on Friday. Most city data centers are located in lower Manhattan, which was pummeled by Hurricane Sandy and still largely plunged in darkness four days after the storm. On Friday, Telx, which provides fiber connectivity to 12 exchanges and more than 30 ATSs and dark pools in its New York data center, asked customers through its website to “curtail their systems where possible” to conserve energy and to “power down any nonessential equipment.”

Telx’s NYC1 data center at 60 Hudson Street has a 24-hour fuel supply, Telx said on Friday. “We will notify customers should we drop below 24 hours of fuel.” There were no reports from power company Con Edison on estimated repair times.

The NYC2 data center located at 111 8th Ave in Chelsea – a building owned by Google Inc. - had enough fuel to last two days, the group said on Friday. It received a fuel delivery early that day and was expecting another delivery in the evening. Again, there was no estimated time of completion for repairs.

Meanwhile, Telx’s headquarters at 1 State Street in lower Manhattan remained close on Friday. Company spokesman Ron Sterbenz told the Wall Street Journal that Telx’s staff were “keeping an eye on its equipment stored in other facilities to ensure its gear stays cooled and online.”

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