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The Execution Challenge
Kathy Burger, Editorial DirectorCommentary
It's one thing for banks to encourage innovation and transformation, and it's quite another to execute successfully on these strategies.
By Kathy Burger Editorial Director,
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Corvil Launches Streaming Analytics Platform to Mitigate IT Risk in Electronic Trading
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
To detect risks in electronic trading, Corvil is moving beyond latency management to help banks and exchanges run real-time analytics on petabytes of data that can be migrated to big-data systems.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Catch Me if You Can: Risk Hidden in Plain Sight
Mitchel Kraskin, Co-founder and CEO, Compliance ScienceCommentary
The digital revolution hasn't yet reached all four corners of the enterprise. Paper-based data and manual workflows are hotspots for risk and are ripe for modernization.
By Mitchel Kraskin Co-founder and CEO, Compliance Science,
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The Ripening Case for Managed Services in Risk Management
John Avery, Head of Managed Services Solutions, SunGardCommentary
Risk management will not escape the trend towards managed service solutions. Managers must prepare to take advantage of the emerging technologies and vendor relationships.
By John Avery Head of Managed Services Solutions, SunGard,
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IT Salary Survey 2014: Insurance
InformationWeek Staff,
Insurance IT salaries are flat, but demand and compensation are highest for people with experience in social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud, according to InformationWeek's 2014 US IT Salary Survey.
By InformationWeek Staff ,
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Regulation Is 'New Normal,' Industry Shifts Focus Back to Growth
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorCommentary
Linedata surveys suggest the financial industry's future challenges are less focused on regulation and more on improving client relationship and developing products.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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Risk Transparency, Defined
Sanjay Sharma, Chief Risk Officer of Global Arbitrage & Trading, RBC Capital MarketsCommentary
Despite best efforts to define and commit technology to effective actualization of transparency, the notion of transparency remains vague and is often left to the best efforts of information providers.
By Sanjay Sharma Chief Risk Officer of Global Arbitrage & Trading, RBC Capital Markets,
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Risk Management Solution Challenges & Architecture Patterns
Vamsi Chemitiganti, Chief Architect, Red HatCommentary
Computing arbitrary functions on a large and growing master data set in real-time is a daunting problem.
By Vamsi Chemitiganti Chief Architect, Red Hat,
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Reducing Risk by Automating Cash Management & Securities Pricing
Evan McDonnell, Vice President, Industry Practices Group, AppianCommentary
Janus Capital Group automated 98% of its core business processes for efficiency and improved accountability.
By Evan McDonnell Vice President, Industry Practices Group, Appian,
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Internalizing Continuous Control Monitoring at Financial Institutions
Dave Pinder, Vice President, Dion Global SolutionsCommentary
The latest wave of regulation is casting a spotlight on the level of control and monitoring that institutions apply to their internal processes.
By Dave Pinder Vice President, Dion Global Solutions,
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Is Analytics a Must Have? Wall Street IT Executives Donít Seem to Think So
Lev Lesokhin, Executive Vice President, CAST SoftwareCommentary
Operations spearheaded analytics in IT because the need for it was evident on the surface. But on the software development side, the software risk is behind the scenes until a glitch brings it to the CIO's attention.
By Lev Lesokhin Executive Vice President, CAST Software,
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Skyhigh Adds 50+ Cloud Services to 'Enterprise-Ready' Program
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorNews
An objective rating assessment program helps differentiate enterprise-ready cloud services from high-risk services.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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Donít Gamble With Your Financial Close
Peter Minck, Vice President, Business Solutions, Redwood SoftwareCommentary
With the repetitive nature of creating financial statements, you might think the process would be supported by large-scale automation. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.
By Peter Minck Vice President, Business Solutions, Redwood Software,
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Information Overload: Making Big Data Scalable
Lance Smith, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Imagine SoftwareNews
Powerful visualization tools are displaying large volumes of data in more meaningful ways.
By Lance Smith Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Imagine Software,
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A Case for Quality Assurance in Financial Technology Testing
Eugene Efimov, DataArtCommentary
Quality assurance testing in a project's early stages is sometimes viewed as an unnecessary cost, but a proper strategy and collaboration can still save money and reputation.
By Eugene Efimov DataArt,
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The Conversation: Connecting the Global Regulatory Agenda
David Craig, President, Financial and Risk, Thomson Reuters Corp. Commentary
US and European regulatory practices have diverged in crucial areas such as banking oversight, derivatives regulation, and privacy protection. Reforms are moving ahead but gaps persist. Should there be more cooperation?
By David Craig President, Financial and Risk, Thomson Reuters Corp. ,
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Swimming With Sharks Is a Dangerous Pastime
David Downey, CEO, OneChicagoCommentary
After a sensational news program said the entire US equity market was rigged, there was an inevitable lawsuit and OneChicago got caught in the shark attack.
By David Downey CEO, OneChicago,
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Patriot Missiles for the Market
Dr. John Bates, CTO, Intelligent Business Operations & Big Data, Software AGCommentary
Financial services firms can control wanted behaviors in trading through analysis of fast, big data streams. So why can't these firms use the same technologies to detect unwanted behavior?
By Dr. John Bates CTO, Intelligent Business Operations & Big Data, Software AG,
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Beyond Heartbleed: 5 Basic Rules To Reduce Risk
Christopher Camejo, Director of Assessment Services, NTT Com SecurityNews
Firms continue to migrate sensitive information into fewer web-based applications with homogenous environments, increasing the potential for damage.
By Christopher Camejo Director of Assessment Services, NTT Com Security,
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Stewardship of the Balance Sheet, Part 2: Why Interest Rate Risk Matters
David Renz, SunGard, Commentary
With the threat of rising rates on the horizon, banks are relying on existing “technologies” to avert the danger, such as duration risk, VaR and dynamic simulation, writes David Renz of SunGard's Ambit Treasury Management solution.
By David Renz, SunGard ,
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