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Compliance Newsflashes: Morgan Stanley Ponies Up Another $10 Million, and more

Morgan Stanley Settles With the SEC for Failing to Monitor Employee Accounts, Actimize and Albridge Develop Broker Compliance Solution, Tilney Investment Management Gets Compliance Help From Network Defence
By WS&T Staff
June 29, 2006

Actimize and Albridge Team to Create Broker Compliance Solution

Risk and compliance solutions provider Actimize and Albridge Solutions, a provider of enterprise data management (EDM) and Web-based portfolio accounting and performance reporting solutions, have partnered to provide financial institutions with enhanced brokerage compliance automation capabilities.

Albridge's Replicated Data Service will provide consolidated customer account data to the Actimize Brokerage Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering solutions, which will help financial institutions accelerate time-to-market in implementing a compliance monitoring solution. Advanced Equities is the first customer that will implement the combined Albridge and Actimize solution.

The Actimize Compliance Solution suite provides monitoring of institutional and retail brokerage transactions for exceptions to regulatory guidelines and company policies. The suite consists of trading compliance and anti-money laundering solutions and includes an interactive trade blotter as well as surveillance of trades, accounts, representatives and branch reviews. The Actimize suite is built on a common technology platform that provides real-time and batch transaction monitoring, a graphical modeling tool for updating compliance rules and scenarios, and an integrated case manager for alert management and case workflow management.

The Albridge Replicated Data Service provides consolidated, cleansed information for investor, account and portfolio holdings. The service provides financial institutions with a daily data file that is delivered through a secure connection. Clients can then access the data and load it into a proprietary or third-party compliance application.

"Today's regulatory environment requires that financial consultants are armed with state-of-the-art, integrated technology solutions capable of driving efficiency through their business," said Adam Antoniades, president of Advanced Equities, in a release. "Both Actimize and Albridge are clear leaders in their respective specialties. The integration of their two platforms provides our advisors with an enormous advantage versus the competition and enables our organization to zero in on potential compliance issues faster and more efficiently."

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