Bob O'Brien
Head Trader for Equity and High Yield Trading
Evergreen Investments

At your firm, approximately what percentage of trading is accomplished with algorithms?

Reducing Complex Financial Model Run Times

Executive Peer Roundtable Series - Reg NMS Part IV - Unintended Consequences: The Explosion of Dark Pools

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OMS/EMS Convergence?
Some predict that the EMS market may converge with the OMS market, but don't be too quick to judge this book by its cover.

Trading Credit Derivatives: The New Frontier
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said in late May, "Credit default swaps [CDSs] are becoming the most important instrument I've seen in decades."

The Inevitable Exchange Consolidation
As the last month or so has unfolded, it may seem to casual observers of the financial markets that the global stock market consolidation frenzy has appeared overnight.

Alternative Trading Systems Are Emerging in Europe to Meet MiFID Best Execution Requirements
Europe's MiFID regulation is giving rise to alternative trading systems (ATSs) to challenge the traditional exchanges and help the buy-side achieve best execution.

Head Traders Discuss What It Takes to Manage a Trading Desk
Advanced Trading's Randall S. Devere spoke with some prominent head traders about what it takes to manage a trading desk. What potential -- and pitfalls -- do they see in their traders? Where are they focusing most of their energies? And what keeps them up at night?

The SEC May Start Monitoring Non-Transparent and Restricted-Access Trading Alternatives, or Dark Books, More Closely in the Future
The SEC is concerned about the effect the proliferation of dark books will have on public markets.

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