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Business Analytics: Transforming Intelligence into Action Thurs., 31 May 2007
The challenge for most capital markets firms is not a lack of raw data, but a lack of context and insight based on that information.

From Financial Services CISO to Chief Information Management Office: Tackling 360 Degrees of Enterprise Protection Thurs., 26 April 2007
As security threats constantly change and the scope of their role continues to grow, successful chief information security officers are becoming chief information management officers.

Weak Enforcement of Corporate Governance and Lax Technical Controls Have Enabled the Illegal Backdating of Stock Options Wed., 21 Feb. 2007
Regulations focusing on backdating have prompted corporations to pursue technical solutions centered around time synchronization to eradicate the practice.

The Do-Nothing Costs of Messy Data Architectures: Data Management Still Takes a Backseat at Many Financial Firms Wed., 21 Feb. 2007
Although you won�t find it on any balance sheet, the lack of formal data management policies and processes can be costly. Securities� firms that fail to devote time and resources to data management practices and tools will find themselves paying a price of increased risk, failed trades and overly expensive data feeds.

Deliberating on E-discovery and the Changes to the FRCP Tues., 13 Feb. 2007
Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure make undiscoverable electronic documents a massive legal liability for the likes of UBS and Morgan Stanley.

Market Data Management Mandate Tue, 21 Nov 2006
Financial services firms are building robust infrastructures to handle the anticipated data deluge while continuing to scrutinize market-data-related spending.

Buy-Side OMSs Face the EMS Threat Mon, 23 Oct 2006
Worried about the performance of their order management systems, buy-side traders are investigating execution management systems to gain an edge in faster equity markets.

Is the Increased Speed of Direct Market Data Feeds Worth the Price? Fri, 20 Oct 2006
Eectronic trading, direct market access and algorithms have made fast market data access not fast enough, but are direct feeds the answer?

MiFID Rules Break the Exchange Monopoly on Trade Reporting Fri, 20 Oct 2006
A consortium of investment banks is building a trade data reporting and market data publishing platform to take advantage of MiFID.

Reducing Market Spend Tue, 19 Sep 2006
As the global economy has expanded, the information requirements of the financial services industry and related markets have continued to grow.

Switching a Back-Office Relationship Is Very Hard Tue, 22 Aug 2006
While the front office is eminently more glamorous and lucrative, switching front-office providers is easy. Switching a clearing, custody or depository relationship, however, is very hard.

With the INET Integration Underway, Nasdaq's CIO Looks to Crossing Networks Next
Nasdaq CIO Anna Ewing has a full agenda with the INET Integration, crossing networks and technology cost reduction on tap for 2006.

Amex CIO Prepares to Launch New Hybrid System, AEMI, for Reg NMS
Amex CIO Antoine Shagoury is ramping up the process to launch the exchange's new hybrid trading system AEMI to be ready for Reg NMS.

Credit Suisse Has a Plan to Integrate Its Three Divisions, and CIO Tom Sanzone is Up to the Challenge
Tom Sanzone, corporate CIO for Credit Suisse, is in the midst of the three year OneBank integration program, which will bring together the firm's investment banking, private banking and asset management divisions to tap into cross-business opportunities.

TBI Broker Pricing Feed
Tullett Prebon Information, the market-data division of London-based inter-dealer broker Tullett Prebon, launched Mark2Marker, its new data service.

Pricey, But Worth It
Financial institutions generally are satisfied with the data they receive from financial data feeds, according to a new global survey by AIM Software (Vienna, Austria).

JPMorgan Launches New Algorithms to Trade in Dark Books, and more
JPMorgan Launches New Algorithms to Trade in Dark Books; NYFIX Hires Howard Edelstein as CEO as Warburg Pincus Makes $75 Million Private Equity Investment; ISE Stock Exchange to Launch MidPoint Match Automated Trading Platform This Friday; Orc Software Names John Cameron as CTO and Annie Walsh as CMO

U.S. Brokers to Take Stakes in National Stock Exchange, and more
U.S. Brokers to Take Stakes in National Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Raises Market Share in NYSE-Listed Securities up to 10.75 Percent, Wombat Releases FAST Version of Archipelago Data Feed, Boosting Support for Compression Standard, Penson Upgrades FX Trading Platform With Auto Dealing

FIX Protocol Limited Releases White Paper on Implementing the FIX Protocol in Foreign Exchange Trading
FIX Protocol Limited's Global Foreign Exchange Committee (GFXC) launched a white paper explaining how FIX users can implement and integrate the protocol specifications for foreign exchange trading. The white paper, "On FX Trading", is the first of series of documents providing information and resources in a straightforward manner, stated the release.

Imagine Software Adds Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Jasdaq Data
Imagine Software has signed agreements with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Jasdaq to provide real-time market data from key Asian stock exchanges to its offering. The software company provides on-demand trading, portfolio and risk management applications for the global financial industry.

WS&T Radio: TowerGroup's Matt Nelson Shares Data from New Reference Data Management Survey
TowerGroups 2005 Reference Data Survey reveals that financial firms are spending more on reference data and that the reference data market has matured considerably since 2002.

Q; In 2006, has your budget for enterprise data management related projects increased?

Managed Services for Enterprise Data Management
For financial services institutions gaining control over enterprise data is a fundamental imperative that affects performance metrics such as customer service, brand reputation, compliance initiatives and competitive advantage. Without it, duplication of effort, inconsistent data quality, and limited usability will continue to affect costs and efficiencies throughout the enterprise.

Managing Risk beyond Market Data: Practical EDM Strategies for Improving Legal Entity Information
Aite Group predicts that in 2007 improving customer data will be a top ten priority for most sell-side firms.

Data Standards and NIST: A Model for Information Mapping
In the current environment of increased emphasis on national security, the federal government is creating improved standards.

Information Lifecycle Management Lives, Finally
Everyone says that information lifecycle management is a new idea, but it has been with most IT managers since the dawn of computing. While recent legislation has helped spur growth for this technology, the fundamentals are still the same.

OLAP Data Scalability: Ignore the OLAP Data Explosion at Great Cost
This white paper examines data explosion – its definition, causes, factors and negative impact on budgeting, forecasting and "what if" analysis.

Improving Operations, Reducing Risk, and Verifying Compliance With Better IT Controls (Click to view in browser, right-click to save.)
In the past five years, government regulations for reporting, disclosing, and auditing cor- porate records and electronic data have changed the face of IT. Organizations have had to change the way they handle records while simultaneously demonstrating that the changes implemented comply with the new regulations. These new tracking and reporting functions have resulted in a completely new layer of IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Data Management
Is This the Right Time for an Outsourced Solution?
(Click to view in browser, right-click to save.)
You know reference data management is the New New Thing, because the industry has latched on to a catchy new acronym—EDM (Enterprise Data Management). But seriously, the collective acknowledgement of the importance of reference data is nothing to push aside, nor is the EDM acronym.

Crossing the Data Management Chasm and Creating Agile Infrastructures for New Markets (Click to view in browser, right-click to save.)
From the time the EDM Council was created through today, many discussions and forums have taken place, and many articles have been written about the topic.

Corporate Actions Automation - The Vendor Landscape Matures (Click to view in browser, right-click to save.)
Financial institutions are spending more on corporate actions automation. Celent estimates that approximately $988 million will be spent on corporate actions automation projects from 2006 to 2010, advancing automation from hype to reality.

Research Overview: Reference Data Management
Reference data management has become a higher priority for firms as they face mounting competitive, bottom line and regulatory pressures to increase the accuracy of their reference data and the efficiency with which it is processed.

Easing Enterprise Data Management Pain (Click to view in browser, right-click to save.)

Enterprise Content Management and Compliance Seminar
April 26, 2007
Where content and process converge. Join BearingPoint and FileNet for an exclusive, complimentary one-day Enterprise Content Management and Compliance Seminar. Receive insights on industry trends and ECM best practices. Armed with fresh perspective and access to a free Readiness Evaluation from Doculabs, you'll walk away ready and able to initiate change at your organization.

2nd Annual Enterprise Data Management Summit
Union League Club
Thursday, May 31, 2007
New York City
This program boasts more detailed case studies and interactive sessions to assist you in implementing an EDM strategy by choosing the best processes, technologies and governance for your organization. The sessions are focused on bridging the gap between your risk management, technology architecture and compliance groups by delivering practical solutions to assist in the development of and integration of a sound enterprise data management strategy and solution.

Executive Peer Roundtable Series - Data Security & Privacy
Jun 05, 2007
New York City
Produced by Bank Systems & Technology and Wall Street & Technology
Sponsored by Bearing Point
The Data Security & Privacy Peer Roundtable is a peer-to-peer group that will work to identify, discuss and find solutions to one of the financial industry's most pressing challenges - securing transaction and customer data from phishers, hackers and other cyber criminals. The quarterly roundtable, comprised of CISOs, CPOs, CIOs and other data security experts, will look at data security concerns, as well as the risks that are constantly growing and shifting.
*Please note: the event producer reserves the right to qualify and deny any interested party

The 2007 Financial Services Technology Forum The 2007 Financial Services Technology Forum is the leading international event focusing on enterprise applications and solutions developed for the financial industry. October 24 - 25, 2007
Toronto, Canada

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