It's Time to Get Serious About Software Testing, Says SEC Roundtable

Commentators observing the SEC markets technology roundtable held in Washington DC this week say the roundtable participants didn't get specific enough when it came to software testing and that the industry should look at how other industries, including aerospace, test and validate products before putting them to market.
October 05, 2012

8. No Shows

It's amazing to me how many times software gets introduced and firms don't test with you. Whether we have test symbols in production or we run industry tests, it's always the same firms that come in and test -- and those are the firms that generally don't have issues. There's a long list of firms that never show up.

— Lou Pastina, EVP for NYSE operations at NYSE Euronext, said at the SEC roundtable in Washington DC.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek: Trading Errors Show Uneven Testing Policies, NYSE Executive Says

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