October 25, 2013

Citicom Solutions, an IT solutions provider for financial services, has launched a compliance product called Citicom Assure, which captures and analyzes real-time, internal data from mobile and fixed-voice recordings, instant messages, emails and text messages.

“Citicom Assure unlocks your data’s potential in that it turns a static pile of information into a valuable asset,” says Mark Whiteman, co-founder of Citicom Solutions, in a release. “We are currently working with tier-one banks to help them not only be Dodd-Frank compliant, but also aggressively work toward bringing trust back to finance.”

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The solution works with the current systems to capture and store data so banks have the ability to revive instead of reconstruct, which can be timely and expensive process. Other features include the ability to flag unusual activity, keywords, inappropriate terms and emotional sentiments in real-time.

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