February 16, 2012

Sure, Advanced Trading was one of the first media outlets to dissect the insider trading taking place in the halls of the US Congress but the pile-on has been slow and steady. Two weeks ago it looked like the STOCK Act was poised for President Obama's signature but now it's up in the air.

STOCK, by the way, stands for The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act.

Like his foray into getting 9/11 First Responders extended medical insurance coverage, Jon Stewart is shining his (rather powerful) spotlight on an issue that causes almost instant outrage.

If you're in the mood for a primer on Congress' insider trading proclivities - complete with a dash of righteous indignation - here are two entertaining and informative clips.

This first segment sets the stage:

Stewart's second segment is a satellite interview – a first for the Daily Show which prefers phony satellite feeds? – with a NY Congresswoman who has seen her bill stall in Congress:

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