We often hear about the shortage of data scientists, but less about the need for big data support personnel: business intelligence workers who take data-generated insights and use them to make an organization more effective. What roles will these support positions play, and who's best qualified to fill them?

According to Blue Hill Research, a Boston-based research firm, five job functions will emerge as more enterprises adopt big data analytics tools.

As outlined in a recent blog post on the company's site, these five roles include: data evangelist; contextual analyst; data visualizer; data custodian; and neuro-analyst.

"We think of this as kind of the Analytics A-Team," said Blue Hill Research principal analyst David Houlihan in a phone interview with InformationWeek.

So what are these jobs exactly? Here's a quick overview:

1) Data evangelist: This new position won't require formal data science training, but rather an expertise in a specific business area, as well as a curious nature and a knack for finding new business uses for big data.

"The job is less about crunching the data … and more about identifying use cases for data," said Houlihan.

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