Today, John Hancock Financial Network released an iPad app version of its Retirement Ready sales platform. Bruce Harrington, head of sales for the company, which handles distribution of John Hancock life insurance, annuities and investment products, came to the Insurance & Technology offices to talk about the company's strategy for tackling distributors' desire to use the Apple platform for sales.

Retirement Ready guides advisers through the use a product allocation tool, called the RSQ Analyzer, which was developed by the QWeMA (Quantitative Wealth Management Analytics) Group. The idea is that by offering a better way to illustrate product allocation, advisors would benefit from more informed and engaged clients, instead of having them drop off in the midst of the process -- or not come in at all.

"When they were trying to illustrate this concept to the client, they were trying to scratch it out out on a yellow pad," Harrington says.

Advisors needed a better way to do this so that they could get in front of more clients. So JHFN conceived of Retirement Ready, originally as a web platform, which the company launched last fall.

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