On Wednesday, Oct. 23, I'm going to have the chance to discuss the current cloud stack wars with proponents of three different stacks. While many carriers and providers mix virtualization and orchestration tools, these three organizations are aligned with three distinct technology stacks:

-- HP has embraced OpenStack strongly, and I'll be joined by Monty Taylor.

-- Verizon Terremark has a significant role in CloudStack deployments, and Jim Anthony will be participating.

-- VMware has its own suite of virtualization and cloud tools for both public and private environments, which Mathew Lodge will be able to speak to.

A couple of weeks ago, I postulated that today's cloud platforms are in a race similar to that of operating systems a few decades ago. Greg DeKoenigsberg of Eucalyptus posted an excellent rebuttal, in which he speculated that, if cloud stacks are operating systems, my analysis "would make Eucalyptus the open source little brother that the System/360 never had, that has no analogue in the history books, and that could have changed everything."

After all this discussion, I'm eager to tackle how some of these cloud platforms are competing with one another. I've got a long list of questions, some focused on where private cloud tools in general are headed, and some specific to each stack. I'm hoping we'll get to at least a few of them on stage during our discussion.

NEXT: Here are some of my generic questions about how clouds are evolving:

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