Individual distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks could soon take down not just one site, but any intervening service providers.

The warning over the feasibility of this type of so-called DDoS "Armageddon attack," that could "not only overwhelm the end victim but also all the Internet providers in between," comes via Carlos Morales, VP for global sales engineering and operations at Arbor Networks. His analysis is based on the characteristics of the DDoS attacks launched against U.S. banks in September and October of this year.

What's alarming is that even though the attackers announced the exact date and time that they would be launching their attacks, as well as their targets, the targeted financial institutions were unable to prevent their websites from being disrupted.

Bank officials and DDoS experts have both said that the sheer scale of the attacks was to blame. Attackers had apparently compromised servers -- most likely at service providers -- that were able to support high-bandwidth attacks. Together with blended attack techniques, attackers overwhelmed every one of their targets.

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