At first glance, the roles of CIO and CMO could not be more different. But now more than ever, organizations' chief information officers and chief marketing officers must rely on each other to do their jobs more effectively. Here are five lessons CIOs can teach CMOs -- and five more that marketing execs can teach their C-level tech peers.

1. No technology is an island.
We're in the age of BYOX -- bring your own devices, bring your own clouds, bring your own WLANs, bring your own apps … you get the idea. While this freedom from the rigors of the IT department often means that technology gets deployed more quickly, what many people outside the IT department forget is that technology is (or should be) an ecosystem. CIOs can teach CMOs to consider how any new piece of technology could hook into, complement, and exchange data with other systems in place in the company.

2. What's measured matters, and what matters is measured.
CIOs play a key role in helping CMOs figure out what technology metrics influence business processes, and in teaching CMOs to generate meaningful, actionable reports from the systems they are using.

3. Effective policy is critical.
One critical lesson that CIOs can teach CMOs, and the rest of the business, is that development of effective acceptable use and security policy is key to the well-being of the company on many levels. For example, it's important to build in guidelines around things like how often passwords are changed because a compromised system can wreak all kinds of havoc. But it's also important to build in guidelines around what should and shouldn't be said on social networks because a company's compromised reputation may be irreparable.

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