To keep your company competitive, you need to hire bright young talent. And to hire bright young talent, your company has to be competitive -- especially when it comes to technology. When deciding which job offer to accept, millennials place a lot of weight on a company's IT posture. Here are 10 things IT professionals can do to attract Generation Y to the business.

1. Provide Anytime/Anywhere Access.

Almost every expert InformationWeek consulted noted that the Number One thing IT needs to focus on in order to attract and retain millennials is an anytime/anyplace computing environment. "Enable corporate tools that promote an employee base that do not have work barriers in terms of hours worked or locale," said Paul Liu, CIO of IT services company Freeborders. "Gen Y'ers prefer to be able to work anywhere, anytime."

2. Support BYOD Programs.

For most millennials, smart mobile devices aren't just communications tools -- they're also fashion statements and status symbols, carefully chosen and omnipresent. A company that dictates specific mobile device choice will be less appealing to these younger workers, so IT should work to implement bring-your-own-device programs that emphasize choice to employees while providing security for company systems and data.

"Device flexibility is key," said Phil Alberta, CIO for IT services firm IPM. "Gen Y likes to work on the same device they personally purchased as a consumer versus the device that corporate has preauthorized. They are familiar with how it works, enjoy using it, and see it as an extension of themselves versus just another business tool. Companies that embrace this concept have the opportunity to streamline costs, boost staff engagement on the go, and project an appealing, cutting-edge business image over other business suitors."

3. Support BYOA Programs -- Heck, Support BYO Everything.

The BYOD model was the game changer, but young people in the workplace also want to bring (or maybe even build) their own mobile apps, their own wireless networks, their own private clouds … you get the idea.

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