The Top 10 Quant Schools of 2012

Where will the next generation of quantitative engineers come from? According to Wall Street pros, these are the elite quant programs.

Why Wall Street Is Hungry For Quants, Even As It Shrinks

Quantitative analysis is the fastest growing area on Wall Street. Advanced Trading explores why quants are in such high demand, what the next generation of quants is learning, and how the buy side is putting them to work.

Inside the Education of a Quant

Wall Street firms may be shedding jobs, but they still need quants. Baruch College's Jim Gatheral and Dan Stefanica discuss what's in store for the Quant Class of 2012.

Meet the Next-Generation Trader

Thanks to electronic markets, high-speed trading and intelligent algorithms, today's buy-side trader must evolve to survive.

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Carnegie Mellon University

Columbia University

Cornell University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Business

New York University (Courant Institute)

Princeton University

Rutgers University

Stanford University

University of California at Berkeley
(Haas School of Business)

University of Chicago

Honorable mentions:
Baruch College
Boston University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania

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