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Rowan Webb is a New Zealander who has made himself at home in Sydney both in a personal way and in the car finance industry as well. He moved to the Northern Beaches area in 2006 and hasn't looked back since, especially now with his new venture The Smarter Finance Company which aims to bring the most competitive rates for car financing and motor financial services to all Australians!
Having started out from the bottom in the sales department, Rowan has steadily gained experience in the motor and finance industry having advised, managed and structured various divisions in high profile vehicle companies in Australia. And with that experience, Rowan intends to challenge himself as well as expand his capabilities by starting his own company to benefit others with his expertise in the trade, sale and financing of vehicles here.
On a personal front, Rowan enjoys adrenaline pumping motorsport and rugby and indulges in steak and chocolate once in a while. Counting Bruce Willis as one of his heroes is testament to Rowan's love for excitement and danger. It definitely suits him to be in the motor vehicles industry amongst other highly powered performance machines.
And what his company, the Smarter Finance Company does, is enables more people to afford these performance machines, through careful structuring and pairing of mortgages and loans with their customers' budgets. With their connections in the finance world and ability to contact a multitude of brokers and lenders across Australia, they are able to get you a competitive quote for whatever services that you require!
Their specialty lies in arranging for mortgages and loans to help you finance your old or new cars and even other vehicles like trucks, vans, boats and equipment even! They are extremely well versed in the administrative requirements and can easily walk you through the process. They endeavour to help you with the getting these nitty gritty details settled with as little fuss as possible.
Whether you are in the process of purchasing your car and require help to peg down a good car financing rate or perhaps you are about to help secure some company equipment for your business, you can count on The Smarter Finance Company to assist with all the administration and legwork. You will be presented with a quotation by our experts and that final figure you receive would have been compared across the industry. You can count on our honesty and trustworthiness to get you a good deal!
If you are looking for financial products to help safeguard the value of your assets, The Smarter Finance Company would be pleased to help you source for the right tool to meet your needs too! With our directory of insurance providers for comprehensive cover and gap cover, you can have the peace of mind that your equipment and vehicles are protected against accidents and unexpected events that may damage the physical item.

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