Wall Street & Technology’s Top 5 Stories of 2012

Financial firms may have been laying off employees by the thousands, but it’s certainly not all gloom and doom for technologists. Specialized IT skills are still in high demand on Wall Street, and earlier this year, we gave you the low-down on how to get an elite IT education. If you’re a Wall Street manager, we also gave you some tips on how to manage Millennials to make sure you connect with them, retain them and make the most of their talent – while also ensuring you take a good look at your IT spending. As one of our experts points out, hopefully we will also remember 2012 as the year that business leaders, policymakers and the world at large began to embrace the new realities of a technology-driven economy.
December 27, 2012

3. Why Your IT Spending Is About to Hit the Wall

Demand for computing is increasing, and financial firms are about to feel the pain of rising IT costs more than ever before.

Ed’s Note: Computing demand is doubling every five years, Howard Rubin, CEO & founder of Rubin Worldwide notes. And Moore's Law won't save you.

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