November 17, 2005

Pacific Exchange Migrates Clearing and Billing to Windows Platform

In an effort to detach itself from costly mainframe outsourcing and enhance the performance of its IT systems, The Pacific Exchange, a subsidiary of Archipelago Holdings, is working with Micro Focus, a provider of software for modernizing legacy systems, to move its clearing and billing application from the mainframe to the Microsoft Windows platform.

The Exchange chose to move the application off of the mainframe and onto the Windows platform using Micro Focus' Lift and Shift solution, which allows the company to maintain the application's original source code. In doing so the Pacific Exchange eliminates the risk associated with completely rewriting the application. To complete the migration of the CICS, JCL and COBOL code, the Exchange is using Micro Focus Studio for application development and Micro Focus Server for deployment in the Windows environment.

"We've chosen to move our applications to a more agile platform like Windows to eliminate the significant costs associated with mainframe maintenance while at the same time increasing our internal control over core applications," said Steve Hirsh, managing director of database operations at Archipelago, in a release.

The Pacific Exchange anticipates the move will create a significant performance boost and that cost savings will be realized within six months. Complete migration of the system will be complete in the first quarter of 2006.