July 13, 2006

Pacific Select Group Leverages Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise data management (EDM) provider Albridge Solutions will provide Pacific Select Group (PSG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company , with access to data aggregation technology that enables its independent registered representatives (reps) to view and report on their clients' self-directed assets.

The Albridge Data Aggregation service combines CashEdge's AllData solution with the on-demand reporting capabilities of Albridge Wealth Reporting. These integrated technologies provide PSG's reps with the ability to view clients' self-directed assets alongside those they manage on behalf of their clients. This single client view is achieved by leveraging CashEdge's technology that imports data into Albridge Wealth Reporting from more than 9,000 external sources including 401k accounts, annuities, bank accounts, discount brokerages and other investment holdings.

"As an addition to our AdvisorConnect technology platform, Albridge's Data Aggregation offers independent registered reps within our broker-dealer network a competitive advantage. Clients can view their entire portfolio in one place and reps can increase customer loyalty and expand the range of information provided by our integration technology," said Mike Graham, vice president of technology, PSG.