June 17, 2008

A new study on search capabilities of over 500 businesses showed that 49% of survey respondents "agreed" or "strongly agreed" that finding the information they need to do their job is a difficult and time consuming process.

The survey, conducted in May 2008 and to be released by AIIM, found that 69% of respondents believe that less than half of their organization's information is searchable online, a surprising result given the ready access that users are supposed to have in this age of Google.

"Findability has been a common source of frustration in the enterprise for decades," states AIIM vice president Carl Frappaolo. "As information has become more and more digital, the pain of finding enterprise information has moved from the piles of paper on the desktop and in storage cabinets to the digital landfill of file servers, e-mail inboxes, digital desktops and content management systems."

Details on this study will be presented during a webinar on Thursday, June 26th at 2:00 pm EDST. Organizations interested can register here.