April 10, 2012

Broadridge Financial Solutions released a suite of financial analysis and reporting solutions designed to enable broker-dealers to boost revenue management, monitor sales and asset trends across products, and manage regulatory compliance.

The SalesVision Distribution Manager Platform changes data into an actionable business asset that can be utilized by a firm’s sales, finance, compliance and operations teams to strengthen their business processes and drive growth, Broadridge said. The platform, powered by Access Data, a Broadridge company, is a rules-based enterprise web solution that integrates sales and asset data held internally, externally or directly with mutual funds, offering unmatched transparency into sales across all products via a single resource.

“As asset and sales data begins to be more effectively shared, the relationship between brokerages and their fund partners will be enhanced through improved transparency and oversight, to the benefit of all,” said Gerard Scavelli, President, Mutual Fund Solutions, Broadridge. The platform consists of three modules that are offered separately or as an enterprise solution: Revenue Manager, which improves and streamlines the calculation, tracking, and generation of invoices, for both direct and indirect revenue earned from various fund agreements across all of the brokerage’s business lines and distribution channels; Sales Manager – which provides detailed analysis, tracking and reporting of sales and asset trends by fund and product down to the office and representative level for executive, product, marketing and sales management; and Compliance Manager – which enables broker-dealers to monitor sales activities and manage business risks by aggregating data to automate fund surveillance, fee disclosure requirements and reporting, and Rule 22c-2 compliance.

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