7 Financial Services Social Media Insights from Sprout Social

See how financial services is taking a leading role in the new social business.
December 13, 2013

Keys to Social Customer Care

According to the report Q3 2013 saw the largest increase in new inbound messages, resulting in a significant increase in the time it took brands to respond.

Trying to improve, many customers have turned to autobot responses, which have not always proven effective (see here and here for some amusing examples).

Social Sprout suggests building a social team to respond to customers in a timely fashion. Caravella says the most critical step is for firms to structure a social team equipped to provide responses that make sense.

"Your team doesn’t need to be large, but they should be nimble and armed with the skills, information, and authority to craft timely and relevant responses without having to go through levels of approvals," according to the report.

Firms should also utilize metrics to better understand what success looks like. "One of the things that matter is picking metrics that matter to your business," concludes Caravella. "Is it more important that you respond to a high volume of messages or more important that messages are returned in a timely manner? Is it being able to shuffle messages to the appropriate person? Whatever the business metrics are, tie social metrics to it and adapt accordingly."

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