Financial Data Supply Chain, Part 1: A Common Foe Requires a Common Language
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1/24/2015 | 12:07:44 PM
Access to global markets
While it's true that there are very few agreed upon standards for indentifiers globally, there is an even greater and striking lack of access to global markets by individuals or small players in any given country or region.  

Have you ever tried to purchase a Eurobond, or a stock in any country in Africa or Asia?  It's even hard to do it in Canada (I'm in New York).  

A little off topic, but related, is that the stock exchanges are really anachronisms, products of a bygone age.  Peer to peer networks are what's happening.   I want to buy a stock in public trading company based in Shanghai, why should that process be any different from buying a frying pan?  I should be able to perform this transaction PTP; the clearing of monies could be done DVP/RVP using a whole host of PTP technologies such as BITCOIN.  

Of course none of this will ever happen unless agencies like the SEC would step aside and let the natural innovation tendencies of the free market bear fruit.

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