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Mellon Financial Corp. Strives to Bring Information Together By Aligning Business and IT

CIO Kevin Shearan drives business restructuring for improved workflow at Mellon Financial Corp. with enterprisewide information accessability, deep computing asset management and the relocation of data centers.

Mellon Financial Corp.
Kevin Shearan

Mellon Financial Corp.
One Mellon Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15258-0001


$4.2 trillion in assets under management, administration or custody, including $738 billion under management.


Mellon: head of a newly formed software engineering group, head of technology delivery, and executive vice president. Citicorp, director of technology for the Worldwide Securities Services division; also held technology-related positions with Seagrams U.K., Singers U.K., the Rank Organization and Lombard North Central.


Mary Cirillo at Citibank. She's very tough, but as pleasant as they come. She taught me that leadership is about leading people.


"A Short History of Nearly Everything," by Bill Bryson.

Top 3 Current Projects

Relocating Data Centers


Improve disaster recovery. We run a data processing environment with two data centers -- one is in production and one development, and both work in a continuous mode. Unfortunately, both are within Pittsburgh city limits and, post-9/11, we take a different look at disaster risk, so we're moving one of these data centers 40 miles away for business continuity.

Restructuring Technology Team


Better align IT to business needs. Historically, we've been organized by technology silos. The downside is that as a business tries to interact with the infrastructure organization, it has to navigate the multiple technologies. We're restructuring into four units: 1) solutions design; 2) deploy and build; 3) processing and production management; and 4) on-service and service contact.

Private Wealth Management Sales and Portfolio- Management Capabilities


Bring all the information together for the portfolio manager and the sales team across the enterprise. We've been rolling out a sales and portfolio-management capability to the organization in phases over the past couple of years. Onyx is the base, but there's a lot of customization.

2007 Initiatives

Technology for the Professional

We all use BlackBerry devices, instant messaging, collaboration tools, etc. But it tends to be ad hoc. How do you get it to be seamless and intuitive to use? With a lot of these technologies, there's a learning curve.

Front-Office Asset-Management Technology

In the asset-management space, we use technology a lot in the back office but not in the front office, with the exception of algorithms. We're looking in a couple of spaces where we think technology can help in the alpha generation with asset managers. One is "deep computing" -- data mining on steroids. Another is parallel and grid computing. That's looking very feasible.

Security and Authorization

We're implementing roles-based access control. You essentially classify individuals within their defined roles, then provide them with all the access requirements they need within those roles. It sounds easy, but there's a lot of administration around it.


IT Budget:

More than $500 million.

Key Technology Management:

  • Chris O'Brien, Chief of Staff, Cross Border Office,
  • Mike Keslar, Technology Delivery ,
  • Dave Rosenberg, Project Management Office,
  • Peter Beacham, Asset Servicing Operations,
  • John Duarte, Asset Management Operations,
  • Ann Turnbull, Corporate Technology Services,
  • Bill Stanley, Corporate Production Services,
  • Pete Johnson, Technology Strategy,
  • Paul Smocer, Information Security,
  • Tim McManus, Access Control Services

Size of Technology Team:

2,800 employees worldwide.

Percent of IT Projects Outsourced:

30 percent of applications projects.

Key Technology Partners:

IBM and Cisco for infrastructure, and Infosys and Cognizant for applications.

Success Metrics:

The first and most important success criterion is, Are we going to deliver on the business need? Has it solved the business problem?

Vision: The Next Big Thing

Technologies such as handheld devices and digitization -- going from analog to digital -- are really taking hold. More of the input coming into us on a transaction level and informal level either has been digitized or it can be. As soon as you digitize it, you can actually manage it in a computing environment.

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