Mr. Dimon Goes to Washington: Top Quotes of the Week

Mr. Jamie Dimon is invited to speak before a few US senators, a man has a plan about saving AIG the next time the banks fail, and Greece inspires some Shakespeare in the Euro zone. If that weren't enough, we also hear from The Boss in this week's Advanced Trading Top Quotes of the Week.
June 01, 2012

6. Mend It, Don't End It

These changes alone, of course, would not have prevented AIG’s troubles, which were the result of poor risk controls, negligent oversight by regulators, bad assessments by ratings companies and reckless internal management. But together with the other measures in Dodd-Frank, they could make the system much more resilient next time around.

— Matthew Schoenfeld, in the article "AIG Could Happen Again Without Dodd-Frank Fix."

Source: Bloomberg

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