Meet Advanced Trading's Gold Book 2011 Honorees

This year's Gold Book honorees prove that even smaller players can excel in the fast lane.
October 31, 2011

Chris Hehmeyer, HTG Capital Partners


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Where is your hometown? "My hometown for the past 35 years has been Chicago, although I was born and raised in Memphis."

Where did you go to college? "I went to the University of the South [Sewanee, Tenn.], also known as Sewanee."

What is the last gadget you bought yourself? "I switched from a BlackBerry to the iPhone 4. I really do miss BlackBerry's keypad and the ability to type email on it, and so my emails have been dramatically reduced in their length ... a blessing to my kids. But the information apps and the ability to get onto the web -- all of that stuff on the iPhone is just incredible."

What book are you currently reading? "I'm just about to finish up 'Golf In the Kingdom,' by Michael Murphy."

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