Exclusive: Inside the GETCO Execution Services Trading Floor

Advanced Trading takes you on an exclusive tour of the New York trading floor of GETCO Execution Services, the solutions arm of GETCO.
October 08, 2012

Managing Director and Head of Sales

Managing director and head of sales Drew Krichman has a bird's eye view of GETCO's clients, the exchanges they connect to and the overall market with an array of proprietary tools on his screens. "It’s a 30,000-foot view of the sales side. These guys watch other systems and look at order types. That means that they have a lot of alerts in their sights," he says. "If a call goes down, it rings a bell; if a customer is out, it rings a bell. If something crazy happens to a destination we route to it rings a bell." Once the bell rings, does this mean Drew and his team spring into action? It depends, he says. "The team is so small and that means that everyone lends a hand. If these two guys are certifying a trade with someone, the phone rings and we can jump on it," he says.

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