Exclusive: Inside the GETCO Execution Services Trading Floor

Advanced Trading takes you on an exclusive tour of the New York trading floor of GETCO Execution Services, the solutions arm of GETCO.
October 08, 2012

A World View

An eight-year veteran, Wingszi Chiang covers the international hot spots that her colleague Donald Civitanova doesn't oversee, or as she puts it, "Latin American stocks, South Americans and the other half of Europe that Donnie doesn't cover." How were things on the day that Advanced Trading visited her station? It's a light day, she notes. "In the morning what I look at is parity. Usually it opens closer to parity, closer to where the home market is trading," she explains. "We are pretty sensitive to volume because it's a lot harder to get volume here with the international stocks. So our role here is to make sure that the buy side and sell side is to make the customers more comfortable in investing in the stock and make sure that if they buy it, they can get out of it and vice versa." What's the best part of her job? "I love the rush," she says.

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