November 04, 2013

Corvil, based Dublin, Ireland, has launched a new release of CorvilNet, a real-time monitoring platform that is also used for electronic trading, which includes additional operational performance monitoring capabilities for enterprise applications, according to a release.

Jim Frey, VP of Research at Research at Enterprise Management Associates, an analyst and consulting firm, comments that there is a shift in IT best practices towards application-centric IT operations.

Frey adds, "those making the change have found it necessary to re-assess their choices in management tools and technologies to identify and deploy products that can easily supply actionable operational intelligence in real-time. The Corvil solution has been built specifically for such purposes, leveraging the highly valuable network perspective to provide rich, real-time visibility into application transactions and performance" in the release.

The new release includes support for unified communications like voice over internet protocol, which allows voice communications over IP, and video, database systems and web-delivered applications.

“We worked with our customers and partners in defining this release, and are encouraged by its rapid adoption,” says Donal O’Sullivan, VP of product management at Corvil . “IT performance monitoring underpins the successful execution of business operations. This release represents a major advance in bringing integrated business intelligence and IT performance into closer alignment.”

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The release also includes a business value dashboard, auto-detections and configuration for application protocols, enhanced matric switch support, business alerting and enhanced graphic under interface reporting capabilities. Over 40 customers deployed early versions of the release.

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