Centercore: A New Flexible Datacenter Approach

Rather than build massive datacenters that take years to fill, Fidelity Investments has developed Centercore, an incremental, standards-based datacenter design.
January 31, 2014

A Datacenter That Grows

Centercore provides responsive growth potential with proven flexibility to different configurations & technology advancements, while preserving the stability, resiliency and functionality of a traditional data center.

This core production facility will grow in 1 Megawatt increments. Several buildings can be fitted together: panels are then removed from the walls to create a contiguous space without the need to re-commission the initial space, as there is no shared infrastructure between new and old. Each section will be built to provide a different resiliency and/or power density, and incorporate advancements in infrastructure technology along the way.

Using this platform, the data center can grow up to a capacity of 8 Megawatts of redundant power for technology. Each facility addition has independent power and cooling infrastructure, providing added resiliency and mitigating risks associated with centralized systems typical of traditional facilities.

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